Hi! I’m Bianca, Director, Animator and Motion Designer.
my journey in animation started when i thought i was gonna be one of the geeks behind Pixar's 3d hairs. i even studied computer engineering for a while, just to be sure that I was actually in love with the story side of it. i graduated in communication and film studies and here I am now: making short films, music videos, explainers, campaigns... - always looking for the best ways to communicate and express myself, and what the clients want to convey. 
so long story short, Telling stories through animation - That's what drives me and what is behind every word and keyframe that I use. Connecting to people through the blink of a character, a line movement, or maybe just a splash of colors and textures on the screen. 
If you like what you saw here and want to get in touch, please do it! I’d love to hear from you!
Obrigada!/Thank you!
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